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When to Use Cardboard Boxes vs. Plastic Bins When Storing

Moving and storing are often intertwined. There’s rarely one without the other. That’s why some expert moving companies, like Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, also offer quality storage. There is, however, a lot more to consider when storing aside from what moving or storage company to go with. One such thing is what sort of storage containers to use – cardboard boxes vs plastic bins. Both of these options have their pros and cons. They are very similar in some regards, but also very different in others. So if you’re wondering what the differences, the pros, and the cons of using cardboard boxes and plastic bins. you’re in the right place.

The difference between cardboard boxes and plastic bins

Plastic bins and cardboard boxes have the same function – to store things. However, they are not the same. In some situations, it’s better to use cardboard boxes, while in others it’s much better to use plastic bins. That said, there are also other things to know about bins and boxes than just where and when they can and should be used.

A couple discussing whether to store belongings in cardboard boxes or plastic bins.
Cardboard boxes vs. Plastic bins for storing? Examine your needs before making a choice!

Cardboard boxes – the pros and the cons

It can be tough to decide between cardboard boxes and plastic bins for storing. However, cardboard boxes certainly have some advantages, but also some drawbacks compared to plastic bins. In general, cardboard boxes are considered to be all cube cuboid-shaped containers made out of cardboard. As with plastic bins, there are many types of moving boxes. They vary in thickness, size, color, closing mechanism, and type of cardboard they’re made out of. Cardboard boxes are a default option in many moving services NYC moving companies offer. That makes them the more popular choice over plastic bins. However, bins are also very relevant and widely used.

People usually use cardboard boxes when storing something for a shorter amount of time. They are relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable. You can also find cardboard boxes for free, while that’s virtually impossible with plastic bins. On top of that, it’s very easy to recycle cardboard moving boxes. That means that if you use them correctly and dispose of them mindfully, moving boxes can be very eco-friendly. But unfortunately, cardboard boxes are not very durable. That’s one of their main downsides, and one of the biggest reasons why some people opt for plastic bins.

Plastic bins – the full story

Plastic bins are considered any plastic containers whose main function is storing things. There are many different kinds of plastic bins. They vary in size, thickness, shape, color, and type of lid. Still, no matter the size and shape, all plastic containers meant for storing are called plastic bins. In general, plastic bins are more expensive than cardboard boxes. However, they are a lot more durable and people who purchase them usually do so because they plan on using them long term.

Some companies that offer storage services in NYC also offer reusable plastic bins to their clients. That way everyone who needs plastic bins gets to use them and then return them afterward. That makes plastic bins somewhat more eco-friendly than cardboard boxes. No matter how silly that might sound. However, plastic is, in general, a lot harder to dissolve than cardboard. That means that a disregarded plastic bin is a lot worse for the planet than a cardboard box. Because of that, you should be mindful when choosing containers for storing. If you don’t plan on using plastic bins for a long time and throwing them out quickly, you’re better off getting cardboard boxes.

A man smiling whil the man isholding a plastic bin full of clothes.
Plastic bins are a lot more durable than cardboard boxes which makes them perfect for storing important and sensitive belongings!

Plastic bins vs. Cardboard boxes – when to use

Now that you know enough about cardboard boxes and plastic bins, it’s time to learn more about when to use which. Keep in mind, that there usually isn’t a wrong choice. Bins and boxes are equally as good for storing. Still, each of these is better for some form of storage. But to choose the best type of storage containers for yourself, you have to know your own storage needs.

When to use plastic bins

Plastic bins are best for those who are looking to get durable and reusable containers. Plastic bins are the best pick for storing things that require maximum strength and resistance. They’re generally a lot more durable and sturdy than cardboard boxes which makes them suitable for storing things that need extra protection. Many people also use plastic containers for storing in non-optimal conditions, such as moist or humid environments. Also, plastic bins are significantly better looking which makes them a better option for storing in plain sight. They are also great if you require a tight seal that can be opened easily.

When to use cardboard boxes

As mentioned before, in temporary storage situations cardboard boxes can’t be beaten. Especially if you plan on recycling them straight after. On top of that, most people use cardboard boxes when they have a  lot of things to pack since they are pretty inexpensive. If you’re on a budget you should look into cardboard boxes since you can get a lot more of them than plastic bins for the same amount of money. And if you’re on a budget but need only a few containers, cardboard boxes might still be a better deal. Next, most people use cardboard boxes for storage after moving. That way they don’t have to repack things for storing

A cardboard box on a desk.
Cardboard boxes are very inexpensive which makes them perfect for storing on a budget!

There are no clear winners between cardboard boxes and plastic bins

Cardboard boxes vs plastic bins, which is better? Well, the answer is neither obvious nor simple. When it comes to moving, many things are pretty straightforward, like room-by-room packing guidelines that don’t really change much. However, choosing the right containers for storing is a bit more complicated than that. Still, which is better is the question only you can answer. Both are viable options for storing but you have to decide which option is best for you.

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