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Tips to make moving from NYC with kids easy

Relocating with your kids in tow can, sometimes, be quite challenging. You will need to make sure that you are completing all the necessary moving tasks, as well as manage your children. This is something that merits further preparation. You might want to streamline the process by using a company such as Simplify Valet Storage & Moving. We provide unique solutions to your move and will make it a lot easier for you. That being said, we also want to arm you with all the necessary knowledge, which is the primary purpose of this article. We will provide you with the best way to be moving from NYC with kids!

How to prepare when moving from NYC with kids?

Here is what you will need to consider doing, for easier moving with kids:

  • Talk to your kids about the move – Be honest and positive
  • Create a moving plan when moving from NYC with kids
  • Involve your kids in the moving process completely
  • Stick to your daily routines as much as possible
  • Hire a babysitter on a moving day
  • Let your kids unpack their rooms
  • Store unnecessary items
a person moving from NYC with kids and writing
Before you get to packing, talk to your kids!

Of course, you may want to adjust some of the suggestions above for your particular situation. For example, if you can’t hire a babysitter, a friend or a family member will do just fine. Adaptation is key to every successful endeavor, after all.

Talk to your kids about the move – Be honest and positive

The first thing that you need to do is talk things through with your children. This will set the tone for the entire relocation and is not something you should take for granted. The way you need to approach this particular situation is by being as positive and honest as possible. You don’t need to “spill all the beans” but you do want to make it easier on you and your kids. Positivity, especially, goes a long way towards this. Try to mention all the fun stuff you will be able to do in your new home, new places to explore and play in, that sort of thing. Do not let your kids see your doubts, worries, and fears. They might pick up on that and be even more anxious about moving your household.

Create a moving plan when moving from NYC with kids

Once you have the “pep talk” over with, it is time to call your local NYC movers and start planning your relocation. The more you plan ahead, the easier the process. You can use various tools that you have at your disposal, such as a moving checklist, storage calculator, etc. Try not to leave anything to chance, if you can help it. You want to be prepared for what is coming and that means organizing your efforts.

Involve your kids in the moving process completely

Try to get your children involved as much as possible. Let them pack their things, sort out their room, etc. The more they have to do, the better. However, pay close attention that you don’t overwhelm them either. You want them to be included but not to the point of exhaustion, both mental and physical. Your children might want to spend more time with their friends, as well. Allow them to but also introduce moving tasks. That way, they will always know that the relocation is coming and will have more time to prepare for it.

mother and daughter packing a box
Involving your kids in the moving process is great for everyone!

Stick to your daily routines as much as possible

This is really important. If you start making huge changes to how you live your life, it might create anxiety for both you and your kids. Therefore, do your best to maintain your regular routine as much as possible. This will prove to everyone that “life goes on” and that it is not anything you should be worrying about. Yes, relocations and uprooting can be difficult but that is no excuse. Simply add a moving task here and there, while maintaining what you normally do. If you start early enough, it will be of no issue. And it is the best thing you can do for everyone involved, really.

Hire a babysitter on a moving day

If you are moving with toddlers, you might want to have someone else taking care of them when the moving day comes. Your attention will be needed elsewhere and you can’t afford to bounce back and forth. The child, of course, will always be the number one priority and that can hamper the moving efforts. Therefore, to avoid all of that, make sure that you find someone to take care of your baby for you. Hiring a professional babysitter for a day is not really that expensive and it will save you a lot of energy and nerves. You can also entrust your kid to a relative or a close friend. But make sure that it is someone who you can absolutely trust, else you will always have nagging worries in the back of your mind. And you don’t want those if you can avoid them.

female holding a baby
Having a babysitter around will make the whole process a lot easier.

Let your kids unpack their rooms

When you arrive at your new home, the best thing that you can do is allow your children to unpack their belongings. While it might not be fully how you wish it, this will allow your kids to get to grips with their new situation. They might be even really excited to be able to set things up exactly how they want it. Of course, feel free to provide advice but don’t force it. You can always make some adjustments once your kids are truly settled in.

Store unnecessary items

Lastly, you can simplify your move if you but store a few of your unnecessary belongings. The best thing for this purpose is a storage unit, of course. Incidentally, we offer various storage solutions which can help you create an amazing moving experience. You can discover more if you send us a mail at info@simplifystorage.moversdev.site or by calling (888) 522-2330 directly. We will be happy to assist you when moving from NYC with kids!

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