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Tips for storing fragile valuables

Whether you are moving or just decluttering your home, storing fragile valuables is the question that raises most concerns. Where to store those items? How to transfer them? What packing materials to use? How to pack them properly? Those are all legitimate questions. Questions that most people do not have answers to. If you are in a situation where you need to store fragile valuables, hiring packaging services in NYC could be an all-in-one answer that you are looking for. However, many people do not feel comfortable with entrusting their items to strangers. Especially valuable items. If you are thinking the same, you will find useful instructions for putting away breakable valuables down below.

Storing fragile valuables requires thorough planning

Storing sensitive and valuable items is a delicate process.  There is practically no room for error and improvisation. It means that you need to know what, when, and how in advance. A good planning strategy is crucial for any successful project, after all.

a woman making a plan for storing fragile valuables
Prepare a good plan if you want to avoid complications as much as possible

If you are moving to NYC, the first thing to do is to make a detailed list of items you want to place in a storage facility. Then you need to determine where to store them. Next, find a way to transport them there safely. Afterward, determine which packing materials to use. Finally, learn how to pack them properly so they can survive transportation and long-term storage. Thorough planning will ensure that your treasured possessions stay in mint condition during this risky process.

First, prepare a detailed list of your items

Make a detailed list before you store fragile valuables. This is an important step, especially when valuable items are concerned. The list should contain items’ names, serial numbers (if there are any), dimensions, weight, color, any specifics, and, of course, condition. This may look like an unnecessary ordeal. However, if you are planning to store your items in a storage facility having such a detailed list is essential.

Also, this list will help you to determine how many boxes, wraps, and other packaging materials you need to prepare. Luckily, today there are many phone apps that could ease this process immensely. One of the biggest advantages that apps have over old-fashioned pen and paper is that you can take photos of your items.

For storing fragile and valuable possessions, you will need a high-class facility

Ok, so you have a plan and a list. Now it is time to find a perfect moving and storage NYC company to store your fragile valuables. Of course, it is much easier to do that when you are storing your regular items. However, when fragile valuables are concerned, your storage facility must be first class. Just like the moving professionals you are hiring. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

Practically every storage facility out there will claim that they are the best. Your job is not to take their words for granted, but to inspect their claims more thoroughly. Besides well-maintained, pest-free storage units, because you will be storing valuables, a storage facility must be climate controlled and should have a high level of security. This means 24-hour surveillance, security personnel, alarm systems, and safety locks, at least. Of course, it is up to you to determine how much security will give you peace of mind.

You can also keep your treasure at home

Another popular option for storing fragile valuables is to keep them at home. However, whether this is possible depends on the number of items that you have, their size, available storage space, and the overall feeling that you have concerning safety. Just keep in mind that keeping valuables at home could attract unwanted visitors.

a safe
If you have conditions, you can keep your valuables at home

Transporting fragile valuables

Storing your fragile valuables in some of the secured storage units NYC offers is the best way to keep your items safe and in good condition. However, this option raises the question of transporting your fragile valuables there. As we all know words transport and fragile in the same sentence always raise some concerns. Besides the transport itself, loading and unloading could also represent an issue.

Nevertheless, you have two available options. Either to transport your fragile valuables by yourself, using your own vehicle or to hire professional moving companies in NYC to do it. Of course, there is no need to mention which way is safer for your brittle valuables.

Prepare only the best quality packing materials

To make sure that your items arrive and stay safe in a storage facility, they need to be properly protected. Of course, when storing breakable valuables, you cannot use plain cardboard boxes and hope that your items stay in perfect condition. For this, you will need to use top-quality packing materials. Here is the list to follow:

  • Triple wall corrugated carton boxes are the thickest boxes on the market. You should use only these when storing fragile valuables.
  • Durable plastic containers or moving bins.
  • High-quality bubble plastic sheeting.
  • Packing peanuts.
  • Packing tape.

When acquiring packing supplies, the biggest problem is to determine the exact amount that you will need. In any case, you shouldn’t get less than you optimally need. On the other hand, if you get too much, you are wasting money. And it’s not environmentally friendly. Especially if you go overboard with bubble plastic. Therefore, use your inventory list and one of the online packing supply calculators before you go shopping.

bubble plastic wrap
When storing fragile valuables, bubble plastic will be your best friend

Packing fragile valuables for storage

Finally, you can devote yourself to the most important part of storing fragile valuables, packing. That is, of course, if you are not hiring local NYC movers to help you, which is always recommendable. Fragile items are under the biggest threat during transport. And loading/unloading from the truck. Your goals are to give them enough padding protection so they can withstand hits and bumps they will probably receive during the loading/unloading process. And to keep them safe in transport by preventing them to move while they are inside the box.

This means, lots of bubble plastic. Every item should be wrapped in two or even three layers of bubbles. The triple wall corrugated carton boxes are sturdy, but bubbles will give your items the best protection. If your item is too big to fit in a box, wrap it in bubbles as much as you can. Finally, use packing tape to secure it all for storing fragile valuables. Watch how your items are arranged in a truck and hope for the best. Or, better yet, contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving and opt for pragmatic valet storage solutions! 

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