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Manhattan Movers

Thousands upon thousands of people move to the Big Apple every year. And, it’s not difficult to see why. It’s one of the most iconic areas not only in the US – but in the whole world. As such, its allure is easily justified. However, Manhattan is more than just amazing skylines and recognizable features. It is the city that offers countless opportunities. Peaceful neighborhoods for families. A plethora of jobs for young professionals. Lively cultural scene and vibrant nightlife. Whatever you need you’ll find in Manhattan virtually without effort. Still, to enter this land of opportunity, first, you need to go through the whole moving process. And with Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, even that can be effortless. Contact us today and some of the finest movers Manhattan has will be there to ensure your seamless transition.

movers manhattan in action
Turn your relocation from stressful to amazing in a matter of minutes by contacting Simplify Valet Storage & Moving.

Let our Manhattan movers Simplify your relocation

Moving doesn’t have to be hard. Quite the contrary! It can be an amazing experience. You can enjoy moving without stress while retaining your free time. You can preserve your energy to explore all the wonders of Manhattan. And all that without breaking your budget. All it takes is our team of movers to thoroughly enjoy your relocation. Because we have what it takes to make it so:

  • Skills to handle every detail of your move;
  • Experience to prevent problems before they occur;
  • Diligence to see the job through while respecting your time and resources.

Due to these traits, we stand out among moving companies in Manhattan. But what really makes us so coveted is our loyalty to our customers. For us, you always come first. Your satisfaction and the safety of your belongings are our main focus. And we approach it with unwavering dedication.

We are ready to tackle your relocation – despite the challenges

Regardless of size, scope, and type, every move carries a unique set of problems to be solved. Each presents different challenges or a combination of them. To overcome them, you need a moving plan, tailored to your specific needs. And it is exactly what you’re getting when you opt for any of our moving services:

Move within Manhattan with utmost ease

Manhattan is enormous. As such, living here offers many opportunities. Still, it also comes with some downsides. One of them being the challenges of moving locally. Overcoming them can be quite an undertaking. First, in a city the size of Manhattan, traffic is always a problem. Navigating busy streets is challenging all by itself. Navigating them with a truck full of your precious belongings – a nightmare. Secondly, finding parking space is difficult. Finding parking space for a moving truck – virtually impossible. And, lastly, moving into a residential building creates a set of challenges all on its own. Infinite staircases and narrow hallways can douse even the brightest flame of enthusiasm.

Manhattan skyline at night
Moving to the Big Apple will be easy with one of the best moving companies in Manhattan.

And now, you can disregard the previous paragraph entirely. Because ours are among the best local movers in Manhattan NY. With them by your side, all of these challenges and problems become a minor nuisance. And even that is nothing you’ll have to concern yourself about. Because we will handle them, too with utmost care.

Storage at your fingertips

Time is the most precious resource. And yet, in today’s hectic world, it always seems lacking. Chores pile up and clutter your schedule. Work takes a better part of the day. Once it’s done, all you want to do is enjoy some well-earned rest. Adding rushing to storage to the list definitely doesn’t count toward that goal. Especially through busy Manhattan streets.

Fortunately, now you don’t have to do it. Simplify offers a better way to store your belongings, all from the comfort of your own home. Our pick-up storage services put our state-of-the-art storage facility at your fingertips.

  • With a few clicks/taps, you can have our Manhattan movers deliver plastic bins and packing materials. Right to your doorstep – no need to waste any time.
  • You can pack everything yourself, without rushing.
  • If you’d rather save even more time and energy, our professional packers will do the job for you.
  • Once your belongings are ready, contact us. We’ll arrive to pick everything up and transport it to our climate-controlled storage.
  • Whenever you need your belongings back, just give us a call and tell us where to deliver them. Our movers are always at your disposal.
A silhouette of a woman at the gallery.
Your precious art is always safe in the capable hands of our Manhattan movers.

Ensure the safety of your most cherished belongings

Some form of fine art adorns the walls and halls of every home. Picture frames and sculptures, collectibles, and canvases – they all make a house a home. So much so, that many people unpack and stage their art collection before everything else. However, these objects are, by default, extremely sensitive. As such, they demand special attention and careful handling. To ensure their safety, you need expertise only fine art moving companies Manhattan can provide. And Simplify is one of the most reliable ones. Our fine art moving specialists were in the industry for years. They have ample experience packing, preparing, transporting, and storing fine art. With us, you won’t lose sleep worrying about their safety. They will be in the best of hands, every step of the way.

Prime moving and storage in Manhattan is just a phone call away

With Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, your relocation will turn from stressful to strainless in a phone call. The detail-oriented approach of our Manhattan movers leaves nothing to chance. Furthermore, our expertise and experience simplify every moving task. We break the whole process down and give every component our undivided attention. Therefore, if you want to move without ever lifting a finger, give us a call and enjoy relocation free of worries.

What Our Customers Say

“Great service!”


I was beyond happy with my moving experience! They were efficient and also took great care of my property. Everything arrived in perfect condition! Would definitely choose them again for my next move.


- Miriam Neustadt


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