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Long Island City Movers

Relocating your household or office is never a simple process. There are many different tasks one needs to accomplish in order to have a successful, smooth, and stress-free. It is with great pride and pleasure that we tell you that Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is here to take care of all of your moving problems. Our mission is to make your upcoming moving or storage project as simple as possible. Thus, we have composed a team of Long Island City movers that will be at your full disposal throughout the process. Our professional and courteous staff will ensure your complete satisfaction with our services, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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Contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving and give allow yourself to have professional moving assistance.

Simplify Valet Storage & Moving is here to provide all the assistance you need

Every relocation, be it a residential or commercial one, is a unique event. For some moves, you will need professional storage solutions. For others, you will require reliable packing services. Once you opt for Simplify Valet Storage & Moving, you can have every type of assistance that your relocation requires. Our company has carefully created a list of moving and storage services in NY that will provide you with the much-needed help during your move, and they include:

We did our part of the job, which was ensuring the solution to your biggest moving problems is at your fingertips. Your job is deciding which moving services to choose when working with our Long Island City NY movers. We fully believe in your ability to estimate what it is that your relocation requires. However, do bear in mind that we are always available for consultation, as our goal is to provide you the best chances of moving success, and we do that through every stage of the process.

World-class service at a cost-effective price

There is a good reason why Simplify Valet Storage & Moving has become one of the top moving and storage companies in NYC, and that reason is a simple one – we offer world-class services at a price an average New Yorker will be able to afford. It goes without saying that different assistance options come with different prices, so we can’t give you an exact account of our affordability. But we can do something even better – give you a precise price estimate. Simply request a free quote from our team, and you will receive a timely and accurate estimate of your costs. We value business transparency so you can count on a quote that is free of any extra fees and charges.

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Our movers from Long Island City won’t make a dent in your budget.

Let our Long Island City movers pack, load, and transport your belongings

The process of getting your items from point A to point B is a long and rocky one. There is a lot of room for error on this path that is paved with moving tasks and chores. The good news is that you aren’t obliged to handle it by yourself, as our team is more than equipped to take over the most difficult parts of relocation for you. With all of our moving services in NYC, you will be getting a team that has all the necessary resources to turn your relocation into a complete success. 

Let our movers in Long Island City pack and prepare your belongings for the long journey ahead. We have hired highly-qualified professionals who have all the skills and knowledge necessary for safely wrapping your items in layers of protective packing materials, after which we will carefully place them inside the most suitable moving boxes. With the training our movers have been through, you can rest assured that all of your items will receive the best care and protection available.

Once all of your items are inside their designated containers, our team will carefully load your pieces into the truck. The gentle yet firm touch of our Long Island City NY movers will give your belongings the treatment that ensures their complete security. With all of your items safely loaded, our team will transport your residential or commercial belongings to a location of your choice. All the while, our focus will be on complete moving day safety for both yourself and your items. We place security above all else as we believe that you deserve to have a damage-free relocation. You will notice our effort to provide you with a secure move every step of the way.

Opt for our carefully-designed storage solutions

Many people consider both moving and storage as two parts of one process. With all the moving problems that could be waiting to happen, we couldn’t agree more. In case you have found yourself in need of reliable storage solutions, you need not look further. Simplify Valet Storage & Moving offers valet storage services that are convenient, secure, and reliable. Once you reach out to us, we’ll come to your property and provide you with bins and boxes. Pack the boxes in your own time and give us a call when you want us to pick them up. We will drive them to our climate-controlled and monitored warehouse where they can sit until you need them again. With a click of a button, we’ll have your items delivered back to you within 24 to 48 hours – no exceptions.

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You can order the return of your items no matter your location.

Ensure moving success with our movers in Long Island City

Don’t let your relocation become a sour memory. Instead, contact Simplify Valet Storage & Moving and provide yourself with a successful relocation. Our efficient team will handle the most intricate moving tasks so that you can relax and sit back. Our cost-effective prices will ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. Join our family of more than 1300 satisfied customers and enjoy your upcoming moving or storage project to the fullest.

What Our Customers Say

“Great service!”


I was beyond happy with my moving experience! They were efficient and also took great care of my property. Everything arrived in perfect condition! Would definitely choose them again for my next move.


- Miriam Neustadt


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    Reach out to Simplify Valet Storage & Moving

    Contact us directly or get a free, non-obligatory moving and/or storage (with pick up and delivery).


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    Simplify your packing process

    Use our quality bins and supplies to pack your possessions on your own terms or let our packers handle the job for you.


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    Let us pick up and safely transport your belongings

    We’ll provide trucks and professional movers NYC to carefully move all your items to our storage facility or the location you’re moving to.


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    Get your belongings back whenever you need them

    Keep track of your items through our online customer app and get them back at your doorstep.