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How to write a review for a moving company

Moving reviews can help a lot with choosing movers. Many people turn to reviews for help when on a quest to find trustworthy movers. That’s why it’s important to be honest when writing reviews. There are many companies out there, like Simplify Valet Storage & Moving that do their jobs well. People reading reviews should know why past clients feel the way they feel about these companies. However, they should also be warned about companies that take advantage of their clients or offer bad moving services. All this information can be very valuable when looking for movers. That’s why you should do your part and leave reviews for moving business you’ve tried. Here’s how to write a review for a moving company to make it as helpful as possible for as many people as possible!

When writing a review for a moving company make sure to not forget the basics

Many people think that some of the basic information is irrelevant when writing reviews. A thing like a date is easy to forget to include. However, even that information can be extremely helpful. Businesses change which means that their quality might not be consistent through time. That’s where dates, for example, could be helpful. If there’s a date a person will be able to tell exactly when a review was written and make a decision based on that.

A man trying to remember the details of his move before writing a review.
When trying to write a review for a moving business you should try to remember as much information as possible about your move!

There are plenty more basic details that people writing reviews often overlook. That’s why you should make sure to be as thorough as possible when writing reviews. Something that might seem unimportant to you may be of great importance to someone else. When you want to know if a moving company is legitimate all information is valuable information! That’s why you should make sure to provide as much of it as possible, so others can be well informed before making a decision.

Take time to think about your experience

Every review should be genuine. That’s why you should think about your moving experience before writing a review for the moving company you moved with. It’s easy to forget details after some time has passed. Because of that, it’s best to recall all that has happened, exactly how it happened, before sitting down to write a review. That way you’ll ensure what you say is true. However, make sure not to overthink either. It’s easy to change memories that had happened in the past!

Take your time writing the review

When writing a review it’s important to write it well. If you want to come across as someone who’s knowledgeable on the matter, you should make sure to make your review look and sound coherent and polished. That includes concise and easy-to-read sentences, good grammar, and proper structure. Also, don’t try to sound overly smart or use “fancy” words. Your review should be easy to read for everyone. But even though it’s important to be to the point, your comment should still have all the necessary information.

The information you should include when writing reviews for moving companies

When hoping to find affordable movers in NYC residents recommend or quality packing services, all information is valuable information. Moving companies can represent themselves as they like on their own websites. However, they can’t control what clients write about them. They can delete some reviews, or upload fake reviews sometimes, sure, but even then the majority of reviews will be more or less the same. That’s why it’s important to be honest and very thorough when writing reviews. However, some information is more important than the rest. Here’s what you should never forget to mention in your reviews.

A woman writing a review.
Writing reviews can be time-consuming since there’s much to write about!

Reviews for moving companies should include plenty of information on the skills of movers and the quality of equipment

The biggest chunk of your review should focus on the skills of movers and their professionalism. Nobody wants to hire incompetent movers that are bad at their jobs and treat their customers poorly. So when writing a review for movers you should focus on:

  • The efficiency and efficacy of the movers
  • Their punctuality
  • Skills the movers showed during your move
  • Their reliability
  • Movers’ ability to identify and solve problems
  • The ability of movers to communicate and create a positive experience

On top of that, you should also mention the state of equipment and the ability of movers to use it. Were the vehicles well-serviced and safe? Did the moving equipment work smoothly? Make sure to mention it!

When writing a review for a moving company you should never forget to mention customer service

Customer service is at least 50% of the moving experience! That’s why you should dedicate at least one paragraph to your experience with the employees. You should mention:

  • Whether the employees were pleasant
  • If they were helpful
  • If there were any issues
  • How fast the issues got resolved

Make sure to evaluate the services

When writing a review for a moving company you should make sure to write about the services themselves. For example, people looking for quality packing services NYC residents like you enjoyed probably want to know about the quality of supplies, the speed at which the packers packed, how much mess there was, and the state of the items after the move. Because of that, it’s important to give a thorough review of all the services in detail.

A couple discussing moving services while packing.
When writing reviews for moving companies you should make sure to write in detail about moving services you’d received!

Write a review for a moving company that’s going to help many

Whether a person is looking for piano moving, packing, or storage services in NYC, people almost always look for reviews! If you moved recently, you should do your due diligence and write a review that’s going to help others learn from your experience. So if you want to write a review for a moving company that is going to be true to what you’ve experienced, but also be helpful to those hoping to move, make sure to stick to what you’ve just learned, and you’ll write a great review many will be thankful for!

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