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How to find affordable movers in NYC

Many people dream about moving to NYC, not even thinking about how difficult the actual relocation might be. Moving, in general, is stressful enough. When you count in the busy streets, double parking, and narrow staircases, it can make your head spin. Finding a moving company that knows how to navigate the city streets and make your relocation a breeze is a serious task. You should invest some time into searching for affordable movers in NYC who are up for the challenge.

Hopefully, you will be able to find reliable and experienced Manhattan movers who happen to have reasonable prices. There are plenty of ways to narrow your search and choose adequate movers that meet your needs. You have to keep an open mind. Also, be aware of your requirements and your budget. Remember that having a smaller budget does not mean you will not contract the right movers.

Ask your friends and family for a moving company recommendation

Like every other business, NYC moving companies rely on word of mouth. If you do not know where to start your search for affordable movers in NYC, begin with people closest to you. Ask your family members if they have used moving services they are satisfied with. If you have a cousin who moved to the city not long ago, give him a call and ask for a recommendation. You might have a coworker who changed apartments last year and knows about full-service storage providers you can use.

two coworkers talking
Asking your coworkers for moving company recommendations is always a good idea

Internet is an excellent place to search for affordable movers in NYC

Besides talking to your friends and coworkers, you should also invest some time in searching the web. A web search for a moving company that meets your needs can turn in all sorts of results. Please keep an open mind but also be vigilant of moving companies that misrepresent themselves. If you stumble upon prices lower than the market average can be an indicator of hidden costs. You want to avoid hidden fees, especially if you are on the budget.

When looking through different moving companies, check their websites for pricing information. Many have the option of giving you a free onsite or virtual moving estimate or a built-in storage price calculator that can get you started. Pay attention to other things you find on the company website, rather than the price. A reliable moving company should have an accurate address and contact information.

person searching the web for affordable movers NYC
Online customer reviews are easily accessible on every device and can be a great source of information

Online reviews and testimonials can give you a better insight

Finding affordable movers in NYC can seem easy with such a significant number of companies advertising online. You have to sort out through all the advertisements. Focus on finding reliable, insured, and bonded companies. Movers with much experience in the industry will undoubtedly have a strong web presence as well. Positive online reviews and customer satisfaction can be indicators that you came across legitimate moving professionals. Search for online platforms where people express their experience with businesses, by location or type.

Also, remember to search social media for comments and customer reviews. Those are great places to find unfiltered information. You can compare the reviews with the moving and storage services on their website. Professional movers will have their services listed on the website. So, you can get a better insight and see what to expect. If they happened to have reasonable prices, which they usually do, your search is complete.

When choosing your movers, you want to make sure you have options

Moving to a new house is a serious project, and you have to start planning it well in advance. Searching for local NYC movers with reasonable prices is one of the first things you should do. Remember that you are the client. You should choose a service that best suits your needs. Choosing the cheapest option usually is not the way to go. Instead, you should do the following if you want to have variable results:

  • Set up the criteria for your search. That might be location, type of service, and your budget.
  • Narrow down your search to 3 to 5 moving companies. You can do this by searching online or asking your friends for a recommendation.
  • Ask the movers for estimates, providing all necessary information. Compare prices and what they include.
  • Remember to ask for any special conditions or pricing if such applies.
person searching the web for affordable movers NYC
There are many online resources where you can search for affordable movers in NYC

Beware of moving scams while you search for affordable movers in NYC

There are so many companies being advertised online. You have to be careful not to come across fraudulent ones. Moving scams have become more frequent. Be sure to check if the moving company is insured, bonded, and operating a legitimate business. You can do so by checking their website but also the FMCSA website. They perform the search by the company’s name or their DOT number. That way, you can be sure you are partnering with reliable movers.

Nevertheless, avoid paying in cash but instead use a credit card. Movers, who insist on clients paying in cash, usually raise suspicion. Even though it might not be a definitive sign of fraudulent behavior, try to find companies with different payment options. Once again, do not forget to check moving review websites and social media pages. Positive customer reviews will set the best movers apart from all the others.

It is easy to find something if you know what are you searching for

The key is to have a set of criteria you will use to find a suitable and affordable moving company. Put everything on paper and decide based on priority criteria. If you happen to come across information about fraudulent movers be sure to tell others. Also, if you know someone who is a moving scam victim, be sure to avoid being in their situation. That way you will help others like you to find reliable and reputable NYC movers and make their relocation a stress free experience.


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